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This revolutionary material can be used for all crowns, inlays, bridges (Up to full arch), Maryland bridges and as implant superstructures. It is designed and produced using CADCAM technology for superb fit. Zirconia is 100% bio compatible.

Full (or Monolithic) Zirconia Crowns & Bridges

These translucent crowns are used mainly in the posterior region giving incredible strength and wear resistance with thin cross section - 0.3mm. They provide an ideal, and more aesthetic alternative to PFM and full gold crowns.


Full Zirconia Crowns & Bridges With Cut  Back For Porcelain Veneer

Use in the anterior region, or when a little more translucency is required anywhere in the mouth, these restorations give the best of both worlds as the occlusal/palatal surfaces are in Zirconia and buccal/labial surfaces are veneered with ceramic, giving a superb aesthetic result.


Full Porcelain Veneer Zirconia Crowns

For use mainly in the anterior region. The entire framework is veneered with porcelain.



This versatile material made from either pressed or CADCAM Lithium Disilicate, can be used in either monolithic form or veneered with Emax Ceram porcelain, giving a highly aesthetic result. It can be used for anterior and posterior Crowns, Veneers, inlays/onlays and three unit Bridges in the anterior region.

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